Meadowview Farm - There's Nothing Quite Like It.

Everyone who rounds the bend sees it – stunning, unexpected beauty. It’s the same thing that Jeff and Debra saw, and they knew in that instance that they had found what they were looking for. Digging in deeper, they found a slightly overgrown, out-of-date property. But underneath it all was a property with solid bones in a spectacular setting. They knew they had a diamond in the rough and set about making it a reality.

With a completely renovated interior, The Manor was transformed into a comfortably elegant retreat ready to welcome family gatherings as well as executive retreats in style. With facility improvements, program enhancements, and a highly experienced and certified training staff, the Equestrian Center is now the premier equine facility in the region. And improvements and enhancements continue.

Meadowview Farm graciously sits on a beautiful hilltop ready to welcome you and your guests for a visit you will never forget. Come and experience the same sense of surprise and contentment that Jeff and Debra had on their first visit and every visit since then. Hopefully, we’ll see you soon.


10830 Big Bone Church Rd
Union, Kentucky 41091-7633